Our History

Who We Are

Founded in 1995, The Guardian Catholic Schools is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization located on the north side of Jacksonville, Florida. Created by a group of concerned community and business leaders of diverse faiths, their original mission was to participate in God’s work by providing advocacy, resources and governance to St. Pius V and Holy Rosary Catholic Schools. For 23 years, these resources enabled the schools to provide a spiritual education to children and families regardless of their financial situation or religious preference. In addition, the Guardian raised more than $12 million in assistance to help fund the school’s daily operations, expansion programs, and scholarship assistance. Today, The Guardian Catholic Schools provides advocacy, resources and governance to Guardian Catholic School — the new school opened in August 2017, combining the students, staff and leaders of Holy Rosary and St. Pius V.

Our Board of Trustees provides governance, leadership and the fiduciary responsibility of leading our school on a path of continued success by preserving the organization’s core values, securing a well-crafted foundation and future for our students.

Through fundraising efforts, Guardian solicits in-kind gifts, receives donations from private citizens and businesses, writes grants, and establishes community partnerships that benefit our students. The profound difference of our work has created a legacy in the lives of children and a positive impact within the life of our community. If you would like to take part in this important mission, contact Guardian Catholic Schools at 904.765.1920 or email guardian@guardiancatholicschools.org.

The Guardian Catholic Schools has been committed to bringing forth positive changes since 1995 and we applaud our friends and supporters for aiding in God’s work of “Putting Faith in a Child’s Education”. The Administrators and staff of Guardian Catholic School recognize that there are no short cuts to quality.

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Our History

The Guardian Catholic Schools was founded in 1995, when St. Pius V and Holy Rosary Catholic Schools were threatened with closure due to financial challenges.

St. Pius V Catholic School was established in 1921 by the Diocese of St. Augustine to serve Jacksonville’s African-American Catholic community. For more than 90 years, St. Pius operated under the same founding principles and continued to serve as a cornerstone by providing quality education and spiritual support for families on Jacksonville’s northside.

Holy Rosary Catholic School was founded in 1958 to serve families in the Brentwood area of Jacksonville and continued to serve Jacksonville’s inner city through 2017.

Guardian Catholic Schools was originally formed in 1995 to provide scholarship assistance to the deserving low-income, inner-city students so they could continue to receive a quality education at either school. Our mission of participating in God’s work by providing advocacy, resources and governance, tied to the underlying religious premise to “lend help to those who are in need when nothing is available.” For more than 20 years, those resources enabled the schools to provide educational and spiritual opportunities to children and families regardless of financial situation or religious preference.

In 2015, based on aging facilities and increasing operating expenses, the Board of Guardian Catholic Schools launched a capital campaign to build one new school that would combine the students and staff of Holy Rosary and St. Pius V. The “Build the Dream, Guard the Legacy” campaign raised more than $10 million and Guardian broke ground on the new school in November 2016. The Guardian Catholic School opened in August 2017 on the campus that once held Holy Rosary Catholic School.

Guardian Catholic Schools continues to provide advocacy, resources and support to Guardian Catholic School, enabling 400 students a high-quality, Catholic education in a state-of-the-art educational environment.