About Us

Our Vision

That all children who desire, but cannot afford, a quality Catholic education will have that opportunity, regardless of the neighborhood in which they live, economic status of their families, or their religious beliefs.

Our Mission

To participate in God’s work by providing advocacy, resources and governance to St. Pius V and Holy Rosary Catholic Schools. These resources enable the schools to provide educational and spiritual opportunities to children and families regardless of financial situation or religious preference.

Our Story

The Guardian Catholic Schools serve as a critical, high-impact presence within Jacksonville’s educational landscape. Twenty years ago, under the threat of closure, our founding members were called to support St. Pius V and Holy Rosary Catholic Schools—two of North Jacksonville’s highly respected faith-based elementary institutions. Twenty years later, these vibrant schools serve nearly 400 children each year, continuing a tradition that began nine decades ago.

A Message from Our Executive Director of Advancement

Mervin Denny, Executive Director of Advancement

Mervin Denny, Executive
Director of Advancement

“I have been part of the Guardian family for going on three years, and during this time I have gained an increasing appreciation of what our two schools mean to our students, parents, educators, and our community. The academic and spiritual growth that I have seen firsthand in our students continues to inspire me, and I have learned that the success of these students—and thus the success of our schools—is not due to any single factor, but rather results from the combined support of our entire community.

A Guardian education begins at the earliest ages, nurturing and cultivating young minds, serving the unique needs of each child and family as a whole, and providing a safe environment and opportunities for children to believe in themselves and reach their full potential. With committed parents, dedicated teachers, and a supportive community, the Guardian schools produce engaged students, 90% graduate from high school and go on to higher education.

To this end, I am excited to announce that The Guardian Catholic Schools will be implementing a Marketing Communication Plan this year that will help increase awareness of Holy Rosary and St. Pius V and celebrate our greatest success—our children!
Thanks to our loyal donors the Guardian Catholic Schools continues to serve Jacksonville’s urban core and provide scholarship opportunities at some level for approximately 400 children each year. Please join us as faithful protectors of our children’s potential!”

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